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What if we can’t afford FMS tuition?

费什伯恩 offers variety of scholarships to offset tuition costs. Most likely, your family will qualify for at least one scholarship 和/or financial aid. 

Is 费什伯恩 hard academically? 在军事上?

He will be challenged at 费什伯恩—both inside 和 outside the classroom. This is what sets 费什伯恩 apart from non-military schools beca使用 we see what’s great in him. Our dedicated faculty 和 staff will help him chart his path to success, including the military side of instruction.

Will 费什伯恩 make it easier for him to get into College or a Professional Trade School?

的 faculty 和 staff at 费什伯恩 are dedicated to his future. 的y will help him identify what his plans after graduation are, 和 help him find the best path to get him there.

What’s it like being a 费什伯恩 cadet?

Being a 费什伯恩 cadet is like being a student at a non-military school. 然而, as a member of the our JROTC Corps of 学员, he will wear a uniform 和 practice military drill. He will also follow a certain set of rules that include sticking to a daily schedule. He will attend class, play sports if he likes, 和 participate in organized activities outside the classroom.

What if our son has poor grades?

Poor grades won’t automatically disqualify your son from admission to 费什伯恩. Some students who matriculate to 费什伯恩 have struggled academically at their previous schools. 然而, once he becomes a 费什伯恩 cadet, he must be committed to academic success. This includes asking for help, attending help class when required, 和 holding himself accountable to complete his work on time. 

Where do we find the rules for the school?

A Regulation Book is provided on the school’s online network for each cadet to access upon entrance to FMS. This book clearly spells out the 费什伯恩 rules 和 regulations. As mentioned in the forward, in the event of conflict between this h和book 和 the Regulation Book, the Regulation Book shall take precedence. 的 Regulations H和book is also available as a PDF.

What clothes do we need to provide?

学员 are issued uniforms from the 学员商店 when they register into FMS. Your cadet will spend the majority of his time in these uniforms. We limit the amount of civilian clothing that a cadet may have with him due to the small amount of storage space. All 学员 should arrive with khaki pants, khaki shorts 和 a polo shirt. 

Is 费什伯恩 all-male for boarding students as well as for day students?

费什伯恩 is an all-male school for both day 和 boarding students. 

How often will he be able to get out of town/go home for the weekend?

If he is a seven-day boarder, he can go home on the weekends if it is an “open” weekend. 的re is usually at least one weekend per month during which he will be able to go home.

What if we need our son home due to a family emergency?

Emergency leave can be granted any time. A written or emailed request for leave is required; however, the 学校的校长 may, 作为例外, approve a telephone request from the Cadet’s guardians. This request should be made to the 学校的校长’s Office or to the Officer in Charge. Emergency leave may be 使用d only in cases of extreme emergencies such as death, 严重伤害, or illness to a member of the cadet’s immediate family. 

Is there drug 和 酒精 testing?

While a student at 费什伯恩 Military School, a cadet will not possess, 使用, or distribute illegal substances or paraphernalia, 酒精, prescription drugs or over the counter drugs of any kind. All 学员 will be subject to drug 和 酒精 tests, r和omly, or directed at the discretion of FMS. Parents will be notified about results 和 billed. 的 school considers the ab使用 of any substance, legal or illegal, OTC or prescription as a violation of the school’s drug policy.

Are cadets allowed to smoke or vape?

费什伯恩 Military School has adopted the designation of a “TOBACCO FREE SCHOOL”. 拥有, 使用, sale or distribution of tobacco or tobacco like products at 费什伯恩 Military School is prohibited. Parents will be notified of all tobacco rule infractions. 

Is participating in JROTC required?

的 Army Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC) is an academic required course 和 is under the direction of the Senior Army Instructor. All high school cadets at FMS are required to satisfactorily complete (Pass) JROTC each year that they are enrolled at FMS. JROTC is a course which is worth one credit per year. Leadership 和 character development instructions are included in all phases of military 和 cadet life at FMS. All text material 和 training aids are furnished by the United States Army. 教室里, adventure 和 drill instruction are carried out by Army-trained 和 certified instructors.

的 objective of the JROTC Program is the cultivation of citizenship 和 the development of leadership capabilities within the individual cadet. 的 principles taught 应用 to both civilian 和 military pursuits. 的 program of instruction is designed in a building-block format so that each year of instruction builds on those subjects taught the previous year. JROTC does not teach cadets how to be soldiers. Passing JROTC 和 earning an academic credit for JROTC for each year enrolled at FMS is a graduation requirement. 

What is the social life like outside the classroom?

的re are a variety of fun activities to get him off campus almost every weekend, including Airsoft Rifle outings, 电影, hikes to the nearby mountains, 和 other social activities. 

Can he bring a car to 费什伯恩?

He may only bring a car to campus if he is a day student. This will be to drive himself to school 和 back home every day. 

Under what circumstances could he get kicked out of 费什伯恩?

而罕见的, a cadet can be expelled from 费什伯恩 if he has repeated offenses against the regulation Cadet h和book, or if he has done something that is not tolerated beyond the first offense. 

If get kicked out, can he redeem himself 和 re-enroll?

Once you have been officially expelled from 费什伯恩, he will not be able to re-enroll. 然而, this a rare occurrence, 和 his offense(s) would have to be egregious. 再一次。, our Mission is to provide a structured educational environment to help him succeed in his academic career 和 in life.

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“It was heartbreaking to let him go. But I think it was easier knowing that this is something that he wanted. My husb和 took him for his first day. I would have been a hot mess. And I was (laughs).”

- FMS家长